no sign of rain nor dawn

My last-minute birthday shenanigans (I really do love that word) turned out to be rollicking good fun, even if my birthday itself consisted of a significantly more plain breakfast than the past twenty or so years. Friday night involved mostly vegging out on the couch watching a few movies, with a bunch of south side friends which was really nice, then after some shopping on Saturday it was off North for more surly adventures in partyland, which, on the whole, went awf (“awf” beign a derivative of the term “off”, but with emphasis on pronunciation). There was much eating and drinking, I got to catch up with wads of people I hadn’t seen in ages and I pretty much lost my voice telling The Longest Story Known To Man™ about the day Doc and myself spent getting sun stroke and hallucinating while becoming ever-later for a basketball game we were meant to be at (it’s much more amusing than it sounds, you’ll just have to trust me on that one).

For those of you who couldn’t make it, suffered last-minute alien abductions, were overcome by the necessity to go cow tipping or just want to have a looksee, there is some miscellaneous photo evidence of the proceedings over this way. If anyone needs me to remove any of the photos so that their parole officer doesn’t get on their back, you know where to find me, just remember to use a land line. I really appreciate everyone breaking out of prison, getting dressed up and returning to an extradition treaty country to make it, as well as everybody else that just had to to find the place. I had an awesome time.

On a completely unrelated note, in case you’ve not come across it before, todays time-waster is The Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness, which is well worth a look-in.

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