and softly spoken lies

I feel somehow guilty when I come to put an entry in my journal and I haven’t anything of earth-shattering consequence, like I’m somehow letting my journal down by not doing anything interesting enough to tell it about. It’s been almost two months now that I’ve been doing casual work and looking for jobs. I can’t say I expected to take this long. Still, I had three interviews last week, one of which I had a callback interview for earlier today. But somehow all the colour has gone out of the job hunting process for me, I’m beginning to numb up to it, rejections aren’t bumming me, calls and interviews don’t get me hopeful, it’s all very calloused now. I mean it’s not the worst thing in the world, but I can’t say it does a great deal for my optimism either. One of the application packages I received involved a questionnaire, question six of which was In around 50 words describe a melted snowman. This was after the page one explanation that the employer offers positions to people on the basis of merit. The person judged to be the most capable of undertaking the functions of the position will be selected. I don’t bother attempting to understand such things anymore.

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