don’t need a raincoat

It’s been more of the same of late, but I’m hoping that’ll change soon. I had another three job interviews this week, and if the law of averages stands up, I’ve gotta hit paydirt sometime. The interview I had last week didn’t turn me up a job unfortunately, though the woman who called to let me know seemed a bit too apologetic and sounded like she was going to break into tears. Crazy people, they’re everywhere I tells ya. I got the call just after I went into a primary school last Friday to teach a Year 7 class about black holes. Now to be honest with you, I wasn’t sure how much I’d have to dumb it down for them, since there’s some pretty tricky concepts involved with black holes, but after finding out what they knew about time, space and gravity already, I decided to throw a pretty heavy slug at them and they just gobbled it up, so I was suitably impressed (this was of course at a christian primary school, which meant that the kids were almost surrealistically well behaved and attentive). They asked a lot of questions and thankfully I wasn’t too rusty on the subject (I did a fair whack of work on a black hole project in upper high school) and had a lot of answers, even for questions they thought were silly, like white holes, wormholes and so on. So I had a fair bit of fun doing it, and aside from the two kids that for some god-unknown reason asked me what would happen if he planted a nuclear bomb in Bunbury, and how much fire it would take to blow up Jupiter, they were pretty damn quick off the mark. But like I said, straight afterwards I got the call about the job and was feeling a little frustrated, futile and generally down, so I decided to solve my problems the American way. I bought things. Which didn’t really make me feel a heap better at the time, but has kept me well entertained ever since, considering I mostly bought DVDs and magazines.

In a kind of sudden, incognito fashion, my birthday’s snuck up on me. I mean normally I get kind of chuffed about it before hand and organise some party, gathering or other do at least a couple of weeks in advance, but this year it’s just, well, appeared I guess. It’s actually in eight days time, which means I’m leaving things a little late, but I feel like doing *something*, (if for no other purpose to try and elicit gifts and free drinks from people I know… BWAHAHAHAHA!) so I’d better get cracking. This means if anyone has any ideas, suggestions or wants to volunteer a venue or someone elses venue, I’m all ears. I’m undecided (whoo, something new and different for me) on whether I’d be planning the shenanigans for Bunbury or Perth since there seems to be a pretty even split of mates between the two. My birthday’s on the Friday, but as years of handing things in late and weaseling extensions has taught me, as long as it’s within a couple of days either way, noone will bat so much as an eyelid.

Operators are standing by to take your call…

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