hold my breath

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately. All these job applications and so on without any major success is kind of depreciating. It’s a little frustraing I guess. Sitting around waiting for other people to do things makes my head boil. Generally I like to think I’m a reasonably patient person, but when all I’ve got to do is sit around on my broke arse applying for jobs it just feels like such a god-awful waste of perfectly good time. Like I said, frustrating. Still, I had another interview on Monday and I’ll hear about that sometime this week. Here’s hoping.

I’m not really big on sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

Maybe I should start working on another Bachelors degree, maybe something I’m actually interested in this time. Of course I’d probably have to pay fees up front because I’ve already done one on HECS. I’m not sure how the system works really, but if I managed to weasel some income from somewhere it’d probably be worth it. At least to keep my brain occupied some of the time. I’ve thought about doing some IT certifications or trying to sneak my way into a post-grad course or something, but I question the value of learning more about something I’d rather get out of. Certifications maybe, because it’s potentially a way to squeeze more money out of employers, but post-grad stuff in IT? Can’t see it happening anytime soon (and that’s even before we look at my academic record ;).

In a perfect world, I’d get a call this week saying they needed me for this job in Perth, I could give up on this garbage down here and actually occupy myself with something.

Boredom drives me nuts. The management apologises for the minimal entertainment value of this post.

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