it might be easy for me

At least this week I’ve done a few odd things that were at least somewhat interesting. I’ve been doing a couple of half-days work here and there for my old man to cover for his assistant while she’s off on leave. It’s a few extra bucks for me, and it means things don’t collapse into a flaming heap at his work, so it’s a win-win situation. But I tell you, the office sure has gone downhill since I left. They’re now using International Roast and UHT Milk, oh how the mighty have fallen. It’s a horrible, horrible state of affairs, but somehow they endure, obviously with more intestinal fortitude than myself.

I spent my Valentines Day evening out with Doc and Smeg, going out to watch Big Fish, which was quite nice, but only after previously walking out of a kebab shop to find the area infested with vermin of the “big hairy rat” kind, although we all escaped relatively rabies-free (or at least with no more rabies than we previously had). After all of this, my Sunday entailed getting up at an ungodly hour and going out to meet some rider friends and go cavorting around some twisties behind the hills and down south-ways.

We headed off from Thomas road just after 8:30am whipping around the place until we stopped at North Dandallup for fuel. Then it was a quick punt up through Dwellingup and on to Quindanning where we stopped for an early lunch around 11ish. From there it was off again to stop at Williams for fuel, where a few of the fellas who wanted to make it back to Perth early turned back the way they came and the rest of us took off down the road along some lovely long sweepers to a stop at Collie. After zipping down the Collie hill, we took on the incredibly exciting =P south western highway and made our way up to stop back at Dandallup for a drink before we headed off back to wherever the buggery each of us came from. The weather never felt as hot as the forecast was predicting, which meant it was nice and dry, but not so hot as to melt the folks who came along in full leathers. I took a couple of pics here and there when we stopped that you can take a look at here if you’re that way inclined. There were roughly twenty-something of us all up. Of course I was thoroughly sweaty and knackered (thanks to a particular dip at the bottom of a downhill left-hander on the way into Collie. Ouch.) by about 4pm when I got back to crash at Glen and Katy’s, for which I am forever grateful, seeing as how riding back to Bunbury right after would’ve been real ugly.

I’ve been keeping up with the anti-unemployment drive as well with another 20 or so applications in this past week. A lot of the application periods ought to be ending shortly, so with any luck I’ll start to get a few bites, or at least some moderately useful criticism

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