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Well, not a great deal’s been going down in the bunker lately, but I’m going to tell you all about it anyhow. It’s been a week since my exam and the Uni still hasn’t published the results, which is longer than they told us to expect, but that’s nothing particularly surprising really. I’ve booked in my licensing test for my open bike licence, but the earliest they had was the 9th of March, which I thought was a bit harsh. Damn teenagers and their drivers licence testing. Anyhow, I’ve applied for about 14 jobs so far this week, it’s not particularly exciting, in fact it’s rather dull and monotonous, but it’s gotta be done. All of them have been for helpdesk/customer service/junior developer/tech jobs which are all in Perth seeing as how there doesn’t seem to be diddly squat going in Bunbury unless you’re a chef, plus I’d like a change of scenery.

I’ll be heading up to Perth again Monday with Steve to go catch the Korn/Fear Factory/Static X concert over in Claremont, which ought to be pretty cool.

All of this staying indoors writing applications and being cheap means my skin pigment continues to consist of some kind of colour anti-matter, and I haven’t shaved in a few days, which is beginning to take its toll on the outside world. Wildlife in the immediate vicinity have been looking somewhat on edge of late. I am quite confident in thinking that these two matters are not unrelated. I have resolved to shave in the morning as a precautionary measure, not wanting to start a holy war between the local fauna and my face.

When you realise that you are discussing the state of your facial hair on a webjournal, it is probably time to stop.

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