she started out in a life of crime

It is now officially Day Two of operation Degree Completed and Unemployed and I’m already getting antsy to go and whore my corporate services out to the highest the lowest any bidder. Money may not buy you happiness, but I’m already reasonably happy, and money certainly does buy shiny things. It also pulls you out of a desperate downward spiral of ever-increasing debt now that you have no source of income whatsoever, so I’m sure you can appreciate my desire to get my ass employed in as short a time frame as possible.

In entirely unrelated news, Pixar is making a break for it away from Disney, apparently in the hope that they can find a pimp distributor who treats them with a little more respect when it comes to the bottom line.

While in general I’m very cautious of and go to great lengths to avoid cliche things like old men in easter bunny suits, mothers day television specials and new years resolutions, I’ve been thinking a bit recently (which of course is strictly against the orders of my GP) and I came to a kind of conclusion that I guess you could call a resolution. Time flies by and all that rot, and we’re already creeping up on the arse end of January, so with great conviction, I have decided that this year, my ultimate plan is to… “Get some things done”. At first I was worried that ‘some things’ might be too specific and I was considering substituting it with ‘stuff’, but I pondered on it and I think I’m up to the challenge. Of course, even as we speak I’ve already finished my bachelors degree this year, which is a reasonably substantial milestone, so even if I accomplish precisely jack squat for the rest of the year, I can fall back on that and put it at the top of my list of this years acheivements, making it quite spectacular from the get-go. The plan is foolproof.

To take off on a dramatic tangent, I’ve also recently been in contact with a fellow who was taking photos and hauling around a large camera with big shiny lenses in billion degree heat at the track day I went to in December, and he emailed me a couple of pics he snapped. Once I’m no longer too poor to put fuel in my petrol tank, I plan on sending the man some volume of cash and getting some nice shiny prints of one or two of them.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, C is for cookie, and that’s good enough for me…

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