what better time than now

Come wednesday, if all things go according to plan, my bachelors degree will finally be finished. It’s a nice feeling, there’s been a lot of work and loss of sleep that’s gone into it and it’ll be nice to finally have soemthing to show for it all. On the other hand however, it does mean that I get to do another one of those life-mode changes again, high school to uni, uni to work, work back to uni, and now it’s uni back to work again. The odds of me not having to wear a tie to work are moderate, the odds of me not having to wear a shirt with a collar are pretty much nonexistent. I’m gonna have to be all fashionable and professional-looking again, so much for utility and comfort, but them’s the breaks. Hopefully I wont end up somewhere too monotonous.

On the upswing though, there’s a bunch of concerts coming up that I’m looking forward to. The budget doesn’t currently allow for going to the BDO, but I’ve already got the tickets for Korn, Fear Factory and Static X on the 9th and David Bowie on March 1st in my hot little hands. Hopefully I can manage to scrape together some source of income reasonably quickly so I can manage to go and check out A Perfect Circle on the 27th of February. There’s rock coming out the wazoo around this place.

In unrelated news, it seems I’m getting so old and rusty that I’ve lost my touch completely. I went to pick up Nathan from the airport on Friday afternoon and approached the security entrance. I put my phone, wallet and keys in a container and walked through the gate and… nothing. I even had my shoes on. So, disappointed, I picked up my things when a middle-aged female security guard started coming my way saying something about additional random securty checks and grabbed the waif-like young girl next to me. Denied. I guess I’m just not as suspicious-looking as I used to be. As a side note, don’t buy coffee from the airport cafe at the Perth domestic terminal, it’s the caffeinated equivalent of aeroplane food.

Nothing greatly adventurous or even anecdotal has been happening lately around myself though, I’ve been mostly finishing up my study and doing a lot of pretty boring paperwork. Hopefully I’ll manage to get myself into a reasonable amount of mischief or some kind of adverse circumstances to make my presence more entertaining on the whole. But for now, there’s some coffee on the agenda.

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