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Things have had a bit of a different tune of late. I’d almost say hectic, but hectic’s too fast of an adjective for what I’m looking at. Stuff is are going on, things are going down, but the pace has been pretty lax. I’m roughly two thirds of the way through my summer school classes, and so far it’s been a bit of a cakewalk really, which I’m certainly not complaining about. The campus reminds me of my old high school in Bunbury, which isn’t really a good thing, considering my old high school closely resembled a gaol. A girlfried of mine was once convinced that it was in fact the Bunbry gaol and that I was having a lend of her when I told her that it was where I went to school at the time. Three cheers for the public sector’s architecture.

Uni’s only been occupying my mornings however, so I’ve had a bit of time to go perusing the city, paw at the windows of bike dealerships, people-watch and so on. There’s never really been a lot different in the city to the country, just little things mostly. The traffic lights change a lot slower, the air isn’t as fresh, some things are more expensive, some things are cheaper… and today I found out that the rain smells like smoke and wet dogs, which kinda sucks. One other thing I’ve noticed is the roaches. Whenever I’ve gone walking, I’ve seen roaches scuttling between bushes and gutters. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I loathe roaches. I mean I can appreciate the life of most creatures, I don’t even go out of my way to kill most insects, sometimes I’ve even been happy to share my living space with them (some spiders eat a lot of the other bugs), but when it comes to me and cockroaches, I’m afraid that if you’re one of them, you’ve gotta die. They’re disgusting little swines of things. Can’t stand them. I’ve got nothing against worms, snakes, spiders, ants, bees, wasps, slugs and snails, but there’s something about roaches that makes me want to crush the little critters into oblivion. But zoological matters aside, I don’t mind the place at all really. I’ve also been living by myself the past week and a bit in Nathan’s apartment (since he’s off at Groote Eylandt), or “housesitting” if I want to sound like I’m responsible when mentioning it, and it’s not a bad setup really. I could easily get used to it, and it isn’t anywhere near as lonely as I’d always invisioned it, but I still prefer a bit of company, that’s just me.

And while I’ve slowly been acclimatising to using nathan’s PC (that’s running linux and thus a myriad of crazy-ass linux applications), I’ve responded to a few job ads last week and I butchered a few more from the weekend papers to get onto this week as well. I’m a little bit anxious at the moment, the Grad Dip thing ended up in the “No chance in hell” pile (at least for this year), which has left me not knowing where I’m going or even where I’m at really, kind of like I’m wandering around in the dark and all of a sudden realising that I’m not where I thought I was at all. Many years of introvertive youth have my isntincts all telling me that this is a good time to curl up in a little ball and wait until I see something familiar or accommodating-looking toddle past, but I’m getting tired of all this uncertainty and obliviousness (I think oblivity sounds better but it turns out it’s not a real word). It seems the only way I’m gonna figure out what I’m going to do is to go do something and just ditch it if it doesn’t pan out. So if anyone hears of any work going anywhere doing pretty much anything I’m remotely qualified for that doesn’t involve supermarkets or namebadges, cooking oil and hairnets, yell out.

So here’s to running around in the dark hoping you’re not about to hit something painful.

p.s. go see Lost in Translation, it rocks the casbah in all sorts of fashions.

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