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Right. So I’m in career-status limbo right about now. I got knocked back from the Dip Ed at the Uni I was applying to in the first offers, and now they’ve shut down for the christmas/new-years break until the week beginning January 5, making it kinda difficult to get hold of them and ask about what my options are. This leaves me at a bit of a loose end really. I’ve pretty much decided to go forward with finishing my degree over summer school regardless of what happens, I want to get it done and over with. But that aside, I’ve no idea whether I’m coming or going. There are other avenues I can pursue to get in with this teaching jibber-jabber, I mean I can probably apply directly to the University instead of through TISC (the designated enrolment proxy), I could apply to a different campus, I could apply to a different university! But now I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should go ahead with it at all. I mean I got knocked back for a place, and a couple of weeks back I got knocked back for a teaching scholarship I applied for as well, so I’m starting to think that maybe this is one of those not-so-subtle hints, but on the other hand, it might just be a bit of resistance. So I’m in the dark a bit really, and I can’t see what I can sort out for at least another couple of weeks.

I may as well just forget about it for this week and slack off for christmas and all. But after that I guess I’ll start seeing what’s going in the job market and make some applications and that sort of thing. I mean if it turns out the teaching thing falls on its face, I may as well have some contingency measures set up.

I figure I’ll finish up wrapping some christmas presents tonight, which’ll only leave me having to pick up two things tomorrow morning and I’ll be set. I can’t say I’ve been really enthusiastic about christmas really. It’s more traffic, more spending, less parking, more tense proles wherever I go, more annoying christmas carols piped through muzak machines. Plus the volume of impending bills I have is growing constantly. I’m seriously over the whole christmas “season” bag.

But for now, it’s back to limbo-ing it up.

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