and there was much rejoicing

I’ve finished Uni for the year. Yep, that’s it, all done, exams finished, kaput! So now it’s time to sit back and enjoy what makes being a Uni bum such a delectable undertaking… holidays. Well, at least for a week or two anyhow, before I run out of casheesh and nab a short-term job. Of course considering the time of year, I doubt that will take very long. Not only is it phone bill season, insurance renewal season, registration renewal season and costly-end-of-year-uni-get-together season, but in a devious plot spanning several decades, a somewhat large group of couples decided to mate in sequence so that when October rolled around, I personally would be bombarded with friends and familys birthdays on a near-constant basis in order to drain funds out of me for close to two solid months. However I can’t complain *too* loudly seeing as how almost all of them also coincided with distinctly party-like antics, but the conspiratorial aspect of said events still remains.

In what is a completely unrelated matter, I recently saw Kill Bill, or at least the first half of it. Now I managed to try not to get too many or too high expectations for the movie before going and actually seeing it, but there was always the niggling little guy in the back of my head getting all fidgety and anxious sitting there waiting for the kind of dialogue goodies that Tarantino had dished out previously on several occasions.

What I got when I sat down for the movie however, was something that in a lot of ways was rather unlike any other thing of his that I had seen.

The opening credits and the music had me convinced that I was in for another good ol’ Tarantino flick, but after the first fifteen minutes, my brain started to go into convulsions trying to comprehend that I had been watching a Tarantino film for a quarter of an hour and noone had called anyone else a mofo yet. In fact, I’m quite sure that the word, which seemed to be a delightful topical seasoning in flicks like Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown, wasn’t uttered a single time through the entire movie. But regardless of how much I noticed that it went missing in the dialog, I noticed more that the kind of wisecrack, witty and endlessly quotable lines I usually associated with Tarantino movies were for the most part missing as well. I mean it could just be that I’ve been spoilt over his last two films by having Samuel L (whose innate ability to seemingly turn every line into gold would have any grown alchemist packing his bags and running home to mother) delivering the goods with style, but overall the dialog seemed a little lacking.

The second big thing that struck me was the style of the film. Tarantino seemed to be so focused on putting together so many styles, scenes, actors, tributes, homages, costumes and so on from a collection of literally scores of other films (mostly eastern kung-fu style films, but with some westerns, hollywood action and exploitation thrown in for good measure) that the film seemed to overflow with styles, but didn’t have a lot of style on it’s own merit. Almost like there was too much stylisation and not enough style.

But don’t let my little criticisms give you the impression that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself seeing the film. I thought it was just spanky and I had a lot of fun. I can’t remember laughing so hard in the cinema since I saw The Emperor’s New Groove years ago, and there was a lot of smiling and quiet giggling coming from my vicinity during the showing. I hadn’t seen so much stage blood since The Shining and I haven’t seen it used in that fashion since Dracula: Dead and Loving It. I liked it a lot more than the last couple of other films I’ve seen at the cinemas and I’ll definitely be ready and willing to shell out the clams to see the second half.

Hopefully I’ll be able to use these holidays to get a few things done. I need to gather some cash to pay some bills, do a Uni unit through the summer school, do a lot of riding, buy some shoes, do some slacking off and hopefully put a reasonable sized dent in my “Things you’ve gotta see” list of movies, which is currently hovering around the somewhat ridiculous quantity of 168.

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