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More and more things have been being resolved lately. Well, resolved, finished, completed, done, you know the drill. I have no more uni assignments for the rest of the year, and in a touch under seven days time from now, I’ll have no more uni to do this year, period. And yes, I’m well aware that placing the word “period” at the end of that sentence was rather superfluous considering the fact that a period directly follows it, mentioning nothing regarding the travesty of placing the comma before the word before the punctuation mark, but I’m just in one of those grammatically rebellious moods.

While I may be terribly jovial about the end of Uni for the year, this does mean that it’s about time I did the unthinkable and actually went and got a day job again. The other day I was offered a very respectable full time job, but unfortunately it was doing something far too similar to my last job in terms of work and people contact and it would’ve driven me crazy, that on top of the fact that it’s a really a graduate position and I’m not a graduate yet. But regardless, after exams are over I’m going to go through the ham-fisted task of whoring myself out for some base-wage slave labour some place or other for the next month or two to get some extra cash together. Limiting factors being I can’t work anywhere that requires me to wear gloves a lot because I end up with eczema, and I also take particular exception to prison sex. But those things aside, that still leaves me with a lot of places to go and people to harass.

My mood seems to be perking up by the day, regardless of the weather being obscenely hot the past few days. I mean I’m all for summer and everything, it rocks the casbah, but sitting on a motorcycle in the sun wearing leather when it’s 37 degrees in the shade gets a little uncomfy sometimes. I’ll have to go buy some new shorts soon and start invading the beach, my only currently surviving pair are getting a bit long in the proverbial tooth. I also have to go buy some shoes… hmm… shopping… ahh, consumerism in air-conditioned comfort.

but for now it’s back to studying


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