the revolution will not be televised

Once again I am back to my regular existential state of no longer being particularly tired, but continuing to be relatively lazy regardless.

This morning after rising, I sallied forth on an excursion with young Tom to go see The Matrix Revolutions. We decided to wander over for a look at around ten o’clock when all the good people of the world and their detestable offspring are either doing their jobs or being detained in government strongholds respectively. Once we got in, triumphant over the cinema ticket systems evil plan to malfunction and hold us back, we found the place was maybe a quarter to a third full, with no raucous teeny-boppers to be seen, the plan succeeding brilliantly. I’d also just like to take this moment to extol the virtues of being able to grab a decent hot coffee and take it in to the cinema. Mmm… coffee…

Of course the setting is all well and good, but I’ve got to proceed to mentioning the film, ahh the film. To try and describe it in a single word, I would have to say that it was “okay”. “Okay” on the Dwights Universal System of Film RankingĀ®, lying just below “Satisfactory”, which in turn is just below “Alright”, however “Okay” sits one level above “Pretty Bad” which is one step up from “Not quite bad enough to make my eyes bleed”. In summary, I was not particularly impressed. With the exception of the odd sparkle from Weaving, the acting was decidedly bland, it’s caliber generally on par with the slapped-together dialogue, which was spattered with forgettable one-liners and quotes that I suppose were intended to sound ominous or prophetic, but were about as philosophically pertinent as “Sometimes I eat the cheese, sometimes I do not”. There are tiny glimmers of hope for the films salvation, particularly a fellow in a train station who begins to speak about the boundaries between man and machine and the nature of emotions, but unfortunately any potential for intrigue is quickly quashed by some slow motion footage and a hundred million or so dollars worth of computer generated things that go *boom*. I thought Reloaded opened an ugly can of worms, but had the potential to make things interesting if the third movie could make the grade.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are things that just should never have been.

But that’s me, and I’m not everyone.

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