seldom is madness a blessing

I get the feeling that I am panicking, only that I’m doing it particularly calmly.

I’m currently disposed to an overwhelming fear that things may not in fact proceed as I have planned, brought on by the inkling that I may not be able to accomplish all that I have set out to accomplish within the current (particularly limited) timeframe. This doesn’t gel with me at all.

I think that I may be worried.

One thought on “seldom is madness a blessing

  1. I had a period over 2 mothns long (without any drugs). When I started to go through a heavy tampon in an hour we went to the doctor and found out my lining was almost 2 centimeters thick. He put me on birth control and it helped but it still gets wacky. I use an alarm on my phone to remind me to take the pills.

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