my head explodes and my body aches

It’s saturday afternoon and I have ahead of me what I would generally refer to as a *lot* of unpleasantries. I’m in the middle of doing the final collation and edit of a bloody enormous group assignment for the project theory unit, which we’ll probably be doing for a couple of hours yet. After that however, is where the joy begins. Seeing as how I’ve been occupying myself with a combination of working on other assignments and trying to take enough time to breathe so that my brain doesn’t explode, I’ve ended up in a position where I have a seriously bargearse Java assignment that is due on Monday and has for all intensive purposes, yet to have any real work done on it.

This is a bad thing in itself, but on the off chance that it might not make me narky enough on its own, my ADSL modem has been smited from up on high by the telecommunications network deities. Bottom line, it’s fried and thus, I have no net access at home. This means that if I need to check up how to do anything in Java for this assignment, I have to be at Uni, where there is net access. This makes things more difficult. On top of this, I don’t have my Uni lab access card with me, meaning I have to rely on when other people will be at Uni to be able to get into the labs in the first place. On top of all of this, my Java lecturer has been borrowing my textbook (hers was stolen) and I haven’t been able to catch her for the last 3 days to get it back. Of course, this is the only Java reference text I have. Wait a second… brain forming thought… I wonder if the library is open…

Anyhow, this isn’t a sob-story cry for pity, because I’ve obviously brought this on myself. But if I seem a bit out of sorts or semi-conscious in the next couple of day if you have chance to run into or talk to me, now you know why.

After all of this is finished, I’m going to burrow under for the next week while I try and get two “volumes” of project documentation done, not to mention the actual project itself. Those are due in nine days time, at which time we have to do a presentation on said project as well. Then I have the major Web Dev assignment due the follwing Tuesday, and another Java assignment due that Wednesday. Then exams. At this stage, exams are looking like the fun end of the spectrum. Maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew this semester and I’m actually still not up to managing a full time Uni load like this… but I don’t have enough time to think about that right now.

Of course, I must have enough time to waste to sit around writing journal entries like this one.

My priorities are obviously not aligned with having Computer Science anywhere near the top.

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