3 thoughts on “beneath the stains of time

  1. Hi, I can post my lol and everything. But there isn’t any butotn to edit the title and discription. The lay-out seems to be different than in this explanation too. So how do I edit it? I already tried to give it a title in the advanced builder, but then it won’t save, so I just continue in the basic builder but it won’t show any title butotn.What the heck is wrong?Thanks! :3

  2. This is great!!! I actually just saw a clip on this amazing woman last night. WOW, you are so right….I was kinda shocked at the looks on everyone’s faces when she got to the stage. Our culture is so about IMAGE, the outside…..nevermind the inside. It is hard not to get drawn into that thinking as well. We as Believers must be on our guard, setting our minds on things above and diving into the Word!!! Thanks girl!

  3. Fran-you need to dig deep on this one. Call Scotland Yard if necessary. It’s a packaged veggie burger so I can’t understand why they won’t share the info, unless there is something sinister about this veggie patty. Good or not, I’m suspicious now.

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