such a waste to be wasted in the first place

Last week on Inane Ramblings of the Pathologically Superfluous… I’d been worried lately about the impending doom of an insurmountable plague of assignments and other work, but no more. Mostly because it’s here. I handed in a critique yesterday, I have a Java assignment due next week along with a Web Dev assignment, then the week after that we’ve got the Project Team Review due, by which stage our projects are meant to be for the most part finished. There’s several more weeks of solid assignment-handing-in that follow, but I’d be here all day if I kept yammering on about them. So I’ve reached this kind of fairy-floss Zen state where I’m aware of the immense chaos and panic I’m in the middle of, but it no longer bothers me because I’m not waiting for it to hit anymore. Which is entirely unprofound and just another method by which I try and avoid getting back to work.

It’s a bit odd really, I mean I’m really quite confident that I’m going to pass everything just fine, but for some reason, possibly out of habit, I feel like I should be running around screaming about how nigh the end is and so on.

I went into town over the weekend to go and see Su Leng strut his proverbial DJ ‘stuff’, and while sweating, heaving masses of people slinking over and thrusting at each other isn’t really my ‘thing’ per se, he did a pretty good job (the only detrimental force being one particularly obese woman of at least forty who was complaining that he wasn’t playing Eminem. I think that speaks for itself really) and apparently he’s got a regular gig going on there now, which is cool. I didn’t get violated any more than usual during the evening, give or take having my ass grappled at least a couple of times from god-knows-where by people quite probably in the I-really-don’t-want-to-know category, and I escaped at the end of it all relatively unscathed. That is, aside from the unescapable ‘pub smell’ that managed to permeate my clothes in a mighty fashion, and getting my jacket back from the coat check wet. It was dry when I chucked it in, and it hadn’t been raining. I don’t ask questions, because I don’t want to know. I just threw it in the laundry with everything else. All in all, not a horrendous evening.

I’ve just been told that an ex-uncle of mine is now rolling along merrily onto wife number six. Whatever floats your boat I guess. He was setting up franchises.

Oh, and it’s spring. Rock.

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