and I’ll pull your crooked teeth, you’ll be perfect just like me

Unfortunately, unlike my compatriot Alex‘s venture, yesterday’s visit to the dentist didn’t involve mighty praise for my fangs. Instead, I was told that my teeth could be upgraded, that they had the technology… they could make them faster, stronger, more agresssive… which apparently involves sticking lots of pointy metal things in my mouth, clamping things to the inside of my jaw, and getting four fillings. I dearly enjoy rinsing my mouth out with a half-limp face and then spitting out large quantities of blood. Spitting out blood always feels so cinematic. Apparently “one of the clips must’ve been a bit close”. It’s all good now though, and I have new uber-mighty chomping powers never before known to humankind, or something like that. However I had to pay handsomely for the privelege.

I’ve been sleeping a hell of a lot lately, which bothers me a bit. It’s probably more to do with it being damn cold all day and night than anything else, but it’s still a waste of the day, and I have things to do and much procrastinating to get on with. Speaking of which, I was looking at an assignment for Project Management Professionalism and Ethics on Tuesday night and spontaneously realised that I just *had* to write a brief history of the record industry, sound recording and a dissertation on the way commercial singles and mp3’s are slowly cutting away at the concept of the album as a collection of specific songs that belong together. It’s currently about 1300 words long so far and I’m up to the great depression of 1929. Let it not be said that my procrastination is unproductive. However, so far when I read through the thing I get the feeling it’s written a bit too blandly and academic and doesn’t have as much feel or punch to it as I’d like. I guess when you’re trying to cover a lot of ground in a short piece you don’t have as much freedom to break out into the lengthy anecdotes and so on that make an article more entertaining than informative, but you get that. I’m gonna have to get on with the assignment though since it’s due this coming week. I also have a 1300 page tome on MFC programming that I’ve gotta try and beat information and candy out of to get the GUI end of the project rolling, lest I end up taking a reaming in a few weeks when it’s due.

So my weekend’s looking like it’s gonna consist of uni work, cursing the bitter cold and possibly beating someone over the head with a large blunt object so I can go do something somewhat interesting as well. If I get bored enough and wake up during the day I might go poke fun at mobile phone sales rep’s as well, seeing as how my phone is out of contract, and being a dirty consumer whore I need to have shiny new things to play with. Did I mention it’s bitterly cold?

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