sitting by the overcoat

My dog Gifford, who many of you may know and fear (or at least fear the hyperexcitability of), has over the past couple of weeks become a complete imbecile. The most frustrating aspect of which involves him seeming to think it’s a good idea to wander around and piss on various items inside the house. Now for any of you that may not know, Gifford’s not a pup, he’s 4 people-years old and is generally quite civil (aside from being *really* happy to see people anytime after not seeing them for any period of time longer than several seconds). Last night he decided he needed to micturate on one of the pool table legs (I wasn’t around at the time), and today decided that it was a marvellous idea to wander into my room while I was sitting here working at the computer… and relieve himself in a wide spread all over my Uni bag.

So I don’t know what to do about the blasted animal. I mean I told him off and chucked him outside, but I doubt that’s gonna hold up as a long term solution. It’s possible he’s reacting to the house all of a sudden being quiter and cleaner with my younger sister having moved out, but I don’t know. Hopefully dogs are different to people and he’ll get over it quickly and go back to just yapping a lot and being annoying.

In other breaking news, it’s now coming up on week 4 of this semester at Uni, and we need to have the project implementation mostly done by week 8. I hate actual work, it’s such a drag. Still, it’s gotta be done if I intend on getting this superfluous piece of paper. But I think it’s probably more about me wanting to have done it than it being about anything that’ll actually come about as a result of me having done it. Just one of those things, you know? Been there, done that, bought the tshirt. Right now I could probably wax on philosophical style about my perceptions and intentions for the future and such and such, at least enough to fill a couple of pages… but I think I’ll save that for some other time.

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