it’s alive… ALIVE!

after a good, ooh, let me see… probably three months spent wasting away in some equivalent of an internet black hole, I’ve finally resurrected my site from a fate worse than death. is now once again live on the… hmm, optic fibre I guess, or whatever the hell it is that the nations sorry excuse for a telecommunications infrastructure transmits my stuff over. Being a bit of a fiddling type (and not the violin-ish kind), I decided to shell out for a couple of months worth of paid livejournally-ness to tinker with the livejournal embedding features and so on. It’s reasonably friendly, but unfortunately I can’t seem to find any provision for customising the comments pages, along with the calender’s “List by Title” function being uncustomisable and the “View by Day” function being customisable, but not embedded.

But waffle aside, for the most part the week has progressed rather sedately. Traditional caffeine consumption and subsequent Uni lectures, along with healthy doses of assignment procrastination. I’m not even gonna get into the ritual cycle of denial about having to get some crappy job or something in a few months time, the only alternative being to do some more study or something and continue to excel at being significantly poor.

In another fascinating turn of events, I was bitten by a spider while sleeping a couple of weeks back and as yet the little bastard’s bite still hasn’t healed. I have recorded no increase in radioactivity levels and as far as I can tell I haven’t developed any new superhuman powers. The animal kingdom gives me the shaft once again.

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